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What is Premier? Premier is an optional, 9-service upgrade program. All items listed below are included in our new Premier program at no additional charge.

- Aeration with a starter fertilization
- Dollar Spot Preventatives
- Large Patch Preventatives
- Traditional fertilizations (1 starter fertilization completed with your aeration), 4 pre emergents, and 1 soil conditioner
- Flea, Tick, Ant Preventative 2x per year (treated at each service if needed)
- Army Worm Preventative, 2x per year
- One soil sample taken yearly

These services are placed down as preventatives each calendar year. If your yard experiences any of these issues even with preventative services completed, the treatments are included under your Premier Program.

Joro Spider

TurfMark is offering a fall pest prevention service.  As the exterior temperatures drop you will notice pests trying to make their way into your warm home. Let us create a barrier between you and the insects this season!


This pest service is a three-part service that includes a pest turf barrier that will be applied to your lawn and the beds around your home, a fogging treatment for Joro spiders, and de-webbing around the ground level of your home!

Joro Spider.png


Moles will wreak havoc on your lawn!


Their digging habits notoriously destroy both lawns and gardens in search of food. As they dig tunnels, they destroy your turf's root system.


TurfMark offers a two-service treatment plan that consists of an insecticide as well as bait worms placed in tunnels throughout the property. The insecticide placed down is targeting their food source that is drawing them to your turf.

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