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What is Premier? Premier is an optional, 9-service upgrade program. All items listed below are included in our new Premier program at no additional charge.

- Aeration with a starter fertilization
- Dollar Spot Preventatives
- Large Patch Preventatives
- Traditional fertilizations (1 starter fertilization completed with your aeration), 4 pre emergents, and 1 soil conditioner
- Flea, Tick, Ant Preventative 2x per year (treated at each service if needed)
- Army Worm Preventative, 2x per year
- One soil sample taken yearly

These services are placed down as preventatives each calendar year. If your yard experiences any of these issues even with preventative services completed, the treatments are included under your Premier Program.

Flea, Tick and Ant treatment

Fleas, ticks and ants can quickly ruin a good time outside. Through experience we have found that spring and late summer treatments provide the best control of these pests for your lawn's busy season.


With this special, you will get two treatments per year applied to help prevent fleas, ticks, and a

nts on the property. This application is applied to the entire lawn and bed areas to help eradicate pests in all stages of their life cycles. .  

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Spring aerations

Our spring aeration schedule is starting to fill up! Aerations for warm season turf are recommended every spring to help relieve compaction on the property. It allows water, nutrients and air flow to the roots of your grass and promotes healthier and thicker lawns! This year we are also including a starter fertilizer allied at the time of aeration. Don't miss this opportunity! 


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